Romulus Plans Commercial and Retail Expansion

Romulus Mayor LeRoy Burcroff discusses his plans to move beyond a residential community

Stephen Henderson talks with Romulus Mayor LeRoy Burcroff about the city, the airport, and where he sees opportunity for Romulus.

  • Detroit Metro Airport:  Burcroff is positive about the role of the airport in Romulus.  He says it is an economic engine, and that it brings business and people into the city.  He says that while it is a separate government and the city cannot directly tax the airport, Romulus does gain revenue from its building and development projects.  He believes that the city and the airport must cooperate, and
  • Conflict with residents?:  Stephen asks what Burcroff thinks about animosity between DTW and residents over development.  Burcroff says that his childhood home was destroyed to build a runway, but he does not resent development because it is an economic asset.   
  • Business Background:  Burcroff says that he has a business background, and runs the city on the principles of business management. 
  • Diversity and development:  Stephen asks about population trends in Romulus, and if Burcroff sees any problems arising as people move from Detroit to inner-ring suburbs.  Burcroff says that he sees this as an opportunity, because Romulus is positioned to produce jobs and development because of DTW.  He says that Romulus is a good place for a wide variety of people to live, because it has a variety of housing options, including semi-rural, suburban, and apartment living. 


County: Wayne 
Population: 23, 519 (US Census 2013) 
Government: Mayor, City Manager, elected City Council 
Crime: Average 
Transportation: DTW, Rail, two interstates
Employment/Jobs: 6.2% unemployment 
Median Household Income: $44,119 (US census 2009-2013) 
Diversity: White 50.5%, Black 43.0%, Hispanic or Latino 3.0%, two or more races 3.9% (US census 2010 and 2013) 

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