How Does Oakland County Stack Up Among Nation’s Wealthiest Counties? [Infographic]

Officials like to tout the county’s wealth status in the nation. But what’s the truth?

Here you can see how Oakland County rivals other U.S. counties in three common measures of households’ relative wealth: median household income, income per capita and personal income per capita.

In these infographics, Oakland County is highlighted to demonstrate its national ranking. If you use your mouse to hover over each bar, you can see the dollar figures associated with other counties.

There are 3100 counties in the nation. Among these, in 2013 Oakland County ranked:

  • #200 for Median Household Income (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013)
  • #93 for Per Capita Income (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013)
  • #153 for Per Capita Personal Income (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2013)

Check out this graph for counties with a million in population or more. If you switch between the graphs, watch the change in Oakland County’s ranking. You’ll see that each wealth measurement tells a different story.