Mackinac Policy and Business Goals

Sandy Baruah talks about the 2015 Mackinac Policy Conference to-do list.

Stephen talks with Detroit Regional Chamber CEO Sandy Baruah about the Mackinac Policy Conference To-Do list.  Baruah talks about the points on this year’s to-do list, and how he thinks these goals can be achieved.

  • Transportation: The first goal Baruah mentions is to create a good long-term resolution for transportation in Southeast Michigan.  He says that this will require new revenues.
  • Financial literacy: The second goal Baruah discusses is to increase financial literacy in underserved communities.  He says that this will help people build credit and participate in their communities and economy.
  • Support Detroit entrepreneurs:  Baruah says that the third goal is to support Detroit entrepreneurs.  He says that Startgrid is a website that will connect entrepreneurs and local business to existing business incubators, such as Tech Town.  
  • Teamwork:  Baruah believes that we are in a unique time where government and business have a different relationship than historically.  He says that the government, business, and nonprofits must work together to achieve change, and that business alone cannot solve pervasive problems in Michigan or Detroit. 

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