Detroit’s New Entertainment District

Tom Wilson on the new Red Wings arena: “It seemed so daunting and yet now it seems so possible.”

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson meets with Tom Wilson, CEO of Olympia Entertainment, to discuss The District Detroit and the construction of the new Red Wings arena.

Land of opportunity: Wilson says that The District Detroit, which consists of a 45-block development connecting downtown Detroit and Midtown, will encourage businesses to set up shop in this area and will draw diverse crowds to the hundreds of events that will be held in the new Red Wings arena every year. He says the arena, set to be finished in 2017, will be coming at the perfect time, as downtown Detroit is becoming an “entertainment Mecca.” 

A new home for the Pistons?: Wilson says at this time the question of the Detroit Pistons making the Red Wings arena their home as well is pure speculation. He says if this did happen, it would mean more nights for the arena to be filled and with the amount of hope and optimism in downtown Detroit surrounding this project, he thinks it would be a good move.

Everyone loves an underdog: Wilson speaks about growing up in Detroit, leaving after college, and coming back to find a completely different city from the one he remembered. He says, “Detroit has been so beaten down and people have piled dirt on ourselves for the longest time…In America we like to bury people but we sure do love to see them come back.” Wilson says the world is eagerly watching for Detroit’s recovery and for the first time, people want to be involved and contribute. He says the construction of the Red Wings arena is symbolic of everything happening in Detroit to make the ultimate comeback. 

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