Windsor Mayor on New Bridge, Crime, Diplomatic Relations, Sports and More

Detroit and Windsor maintain strong ties, common interests.

“We’re the automotive capital of Canada and you’re the Motor city. So the automotive industry really runs in our blood here and still does to this day.” 

-Drew Dilkens

WDET’s Amy Miller speaks with Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens about Windsor’s relation to Detroit and how the city has felt the effects of Detroit’s economic depression across the river. Read the excerpt below and click the audio link above to hear their full conversation:

  • Dilkens expresses the close link that both cities have as major automotive producers within their regions. He notes the importance of automotive jobs in the community and talks about the problems with the closing of the Chrysler plant that caused a jump in unemployment.
  • Dilken says sometimes crime is conceived differently in Canada. The lack of a right to bear arms gives the Canadian people a different view on deadly weapons and he notes that the rise in unemployment doesn’t necessarily mean a rise in crime in his city.   

  • Amy and Dilkens also look at the use of Great Lakes’ water and how this problem affects more than just the American states bordering the water. He says it is a freshwater source for the area and it is an incentive for people to move into the area and promote growth. Dilkens says he would be one of the first to step up in order to stop the sale of Great Lakes water.    

Listen to the full conversation by clicking on the audio link above.

Where is Windsor?

About Windsor

Province : Ontario
Population : 210,875 (2011 Canadian Census)
Median Household Income: $72,220 (2011 Canadian Census)
Poverty Rate: 18 percent below low-income line, 33 percent earning below $20,000 a year (2011 Reality Check)
Form of Government: Elected Mayor who functions as Head of Council and CEO
Crime: 17,234 crimes reported in 2014, but 0 murders (2014 Windsor Police report)
Education: 83 percent graduation rate in Ontario province (2011-12 Ontario Ministry of Education)
General Fund Revenue: $738,919,941 total; $3504.06 per capita ( 2014 Windsor City Budget)
Transportation (commutes): 79 percent drive, 8 percent carpool, 7 percent pedestrian traffic, and 5 percent other (2011 Windsor City Report)
Jobs: Top sectors: Sales and Service 21,290 jobs, Transport and Trades 14,990 jobs
Unemployment: 6 percent (2011 Windsor City Report)