Voters Reject Proposal 1: Reactions and Possible Solutions for Michigan’s Roads

What does Proposal 1’s downfall mean for the future of Michigan’s roads?

J. Carlisle Larsen/WDET

What does Proposal 1’s failure mean for the future of Michigan’s roads? Were there alternatives available for legislators?

Detroit Today Host Stephen Henderson hashes out the details with several of the major players, including:


Today’s conversation covered a wide variety of concerns about the voting process and future funding for Michigan’s roads. Here are some highlights:

  • What Happened at the Polls?: Sen. Colbeck describes Proposal 1’s downfall as common sense over politics. Colbeck says an effective roads plan requires two things: ensuring that money collected at the pump goes directly towards roads and the prioritizing existing funds so that money is allocated to where it really needs to go. 
  • What’s Next for Road Funding?: Rep. Greimel says the next step is for the state legislature to provide a more specific plan for voters. He says part of the plan will likely include placing limits on truck weights, guaranteeing road construction warranties, and finding ways to direct more of the government’s revenue toward roads. 
  • What’s the State of Michigan’s Roads?: Bill McEntee warns listeners about the billion dollars of deterioration the roads will accrue in the next month. He says Michigan is dealing with the issue of short-term fixes instead of finding long-term solutions. He believes that the road situation needs to be stabilized before any real improvements can be made, but the current budget is inadequate for keeping up with road maintenance. 

WDET listeners participating in the conversation suggested the state consider establishing toll booths; changing corporate subsidies; raising income taxes; and reforming Public Act 51. What would you do to fix the roads?

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