Ambassador Bridge Company Promises to Install Train Station Windows and Add Land to Riverside Park

Duggan plans to trade the Bridge Company land for a second span of the bridge in exchange for Riverside Park development

Marissa Gawel/WDET

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced this morning that he wants to give the owners of the Ambassador Bridge land for a second span in exchange for support to develop the nearby Riverside Park. Duggan says the Ambassador Bridge Company is providing $3 million to build a new baseball diamond, riverfront playscape and picnic shelter at Riverside Park. The company has also promised to begin restoring the Michigan Central Station. Duggan says the building will look different.

“The windows at the Michigan Central Depot, all 1,050 of them above the first floor, will all be in place by December 31st of this year. That train station will be completely sealed in on the exterior side.”

-Mayor Mike Duggan

Duggan says he supports a second span of the Ambassador Bridge. If the city approves the land transfer, Moroun says he will provide more financial support for Riverside Park. Duggan says work on the park is set to begin this fall.