The Future Of Work: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Between new technology and millennials the work place is changing rapidly, what will the future of work look like?

The world is always changing and with it so is work. Author Jacob Morgan’s new book “The Future of Work”  looks at how work will change and how businesses will have to change in order to keep up. Morgan joins Stephen Henderson to discuss five trends that are changing the workplace.

Many companies have been built on management practices created by people who never saw the internet and never met a millennial and  according to Morgan if companies want to stay relevant they will need to adapt. He says that every company is struggling with something different, but he has identified five major tends that will influence how work will be done in the future:

  • New Behaviors: “The way we communicate the way we collaborate, all these behaviors are changing,” says Morgan.
  • New Technology: “Wearable devices, big data, internal social networks, collaboration platforms, robots, automation, all sorts of new technologies that are really changing the way that we work,” says Morgan.
  • Growing Millennial Workforce: “By 2020 Millennials will be a majority of the workforce and by 2025 they will be 75% of the workforce,” says Morgan.
  • Focus on Mobility: “Being able to access anyone and anything that you need anywhere, anytime and on any device. So, as long as you can connect to the web you should be able to get your job done,” says Morgan.
  • Growing Globalization: “The world is just becoming like a big city. The culture that you subscribe to, the language that you speak, where you’re located, the currency that you transact in, all these things are starting to matter less and less,” says Morgan.