Michigan Taxpayer Return on Investment Among the Worst in the Country

Michiganders pay about 22% more in local and state taxes than the average taxpayer does.

New research finds that Michigan residents receive one of the worst returns on investment in the nation for the state and local taxes that are paid. A financial social media company called Wallet Hub calculated that Michiganders spend 22-percent more on taxes than most Americans do. Company spokesperson Jill Gonzalez says the study reveals some alarming news about the quality of government services in Michigan.

“For infrastructure rank, which I know a lot of taxpayers see every day, the quality of roads that they drive on to and from work, things like that, it actually had the second worst quality of roads in the entire country.”

-Jill Gonzalez

Gonzalez says Michigan’s property and vehicle taxes are among the highest in the nation. She says the news is not all bad, Michigan ranked seventh-best for controlling air pollution.