Flint to Add Filter to Water System

The City of Flint is planning to install a $1.6 million granulated active-charcoal filter to water system.

The City of Flint is investing about one-and-a-half million dollars in a new filter to be placed in its river. The granulated active-charcoal filter is designed to help reduce contaminants that residents have complained about since the city switched to the Flint River for its tap water.

The Director of Public Works in Flint, Howard Croft, says city officials made a conscious decision to install the filter in mid-July.

“What we want to do is be able to have it in place and know that it is operational,” Croft says.  “But also to have it most effective at the period of time that is generally considered most likely to see higher levels of TTHM or trihalomethane.”

Croft says the filter is costly, but worth the money to ensure citizens receive quality water.