Ross is a real estate developer, philanthropist, and owner of the Miami Dolphins.

“[Detroit] was a great place to grow up,” says businessman and philanthropist Stephen M. Ross. “Life has been good, but it’s certainly great to be back.”

Ross says he came back to visit Detroit a few years ago and was saddened to see the city rundown compared to the Detroit he remembers from his childhood and young adulthood. But he says he sees improvement, especially in the downtown area. Ross credits businessman Dan Gilbert with helping turn the tide for the city of Detroit in an attempt to restore the city back to a former glory.

Stephen Ross was born in Detroit and later received a Juris Doctorate from Wayne State School of Law. Now Ross is a real estate developer, the owner of the Miami Dolphins and a philanthropist. Ross also wants to use his influence in the world of sports to help move the needle on serious conversations about race and inequality.

“Sports is really the common denominator in the world today,” says Ross. “Nobody has really used sports to effectuate change. And if there’s one issue in America today, it’s still racism. A lot of people don’t want to talk about it, but it’s always the elephant in the room.”