Negotiating With Iran

US and Iran relationship is not a simple friend versus foe binary.

Courtesy of Saeed A Khan

Both Iran and the United States are really dug in to the negotiations according to Saeed Khan, and he says while both sides have hardline constituencies to respond to back home the fact they are still talking should be an optimistic sign for those hoping for a deal. 

Khan says it is important to remember the USA is not negotiating with Iran, it is the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China, and France, plus Germany, the P5+1. This is especially true for Kahn when it comes to the people that say the US should assert its power to cow Iran into submission. Khan adds that the United State’s relationship with Iran is not a simply friend versus foe, as can be seen by the cooperation between the two countries when it comes to ISIS.

“Diplomacy has always been something that this country has favored over military action, both from an economic perspective as well as to maintain the United States standing,” says Khan.

If there is to be an agreement Khan says the next couple of days should lead to an outline of what needs to be done before the June 30th deadline. He says the deal will most likely include a limit on the number of centrifuges, an inspection protocol, and a timetable for sanction relief.