Rock-n-Roll Don’t Quit

Old rockers do not want to get off the stage, and some of them shouldn’t.

The Rolling Stones are going back on tour with a 71-year old Mick Jagger. Bob Dylan never seems to stop touring and he is 73. Hip-hop artists are starting to get old too, with Jay-Z and Sean Diddy Combs both 45 years old. 

Ann Delisi talks to Stephen about when, or if, musicians are too old to tour.

While not all old musicians still have the magic, Delisi says that the Rolling Stones do. For proof, she says to just look at the price people still pay for tickets to watch the Stones perform.

“For the prices they charge for tickets, if they weren’t any good people wouldn’t go to see them,” says Delisi.

Hard work and being mindful of the business side of music is a big part of why the Rolling Stones are still so good, according to Delisi. Well, that and Mick Jagger’s personal training.

“He looked out the window and sees Mick Jagger running backwards down the driveway with a trainer,” says Delisi, relaying a story told to her by one of the Rolling Stones’ producers.