Study Shows Growth in Distance Between Work and Home

A new study shows growth in the distance between work and home in metropolitan areas.

A Brookings Institution report reveals the distance between peoples’ homes and their jobs in metropolitan areas grew in 2012 compared to the year 2000.  The study finds that the typical Detroit resident now lives near 26 percent fewer jobs.

Researcher Natalie Holmes says that means both jobs and residents are moving away from Detroit.

“But that is emblematic of the changes that we are seeing nationally,” Holmes says. “Especially for poor people living in the suburbs the worry is that as there aren’t as many jobs nearby they’re really in a kind of tough spot as far as accessing those determinants of success.”

Holmes says people who live near where they work are more likely to be employed and typically find new jobs more quickly. She says the study shows the need for improving public transit to help provide access to jobs.