Michigan Tourism Expected to Grow in 2015

MSU Professors are projecting a 1.5% increase in travel volume this year.

Marissa Gawel/WDET

Michigan State University professors say they expect state tourism will grow this year. Assistant Professor Dan McCole says, compared to the rest of the country, the tourism industry in Michigan is doing a little better than average. He says travel spending is beginning to stabilize as the state emerges from the recession.

“We think that we’ll see tourism spending throughout the state increase at 2.5%, and tourism volume, the number of people traveling around the state, we expect to grow at a slightly smaller rate, about 1.5%. So, continued improvement, probably to record levels, but a slower rate of growth than it has been in the last couple years.”

-Dan McCole

McCole says the Pure Michigan ­campaign has helped bring in more out-of-state visitors, who typically spend more money while in Michigan than in-state travelers do. He says these tourists often come for the state’s natural attractions, as well as the wineries and craft breweries.