Palestinian Activist Sentenced To Prison For Not Disclosing Alleged Terrorist Ties

A Palestinian activist is being sent to prison for immigration fraud linked to her alleged role in a bombing in Israel.

A federal judge in Detroit is sentencing a Palestinian activist to prison time for lying about her alleged role in a bombing in Israel.

Prosecutors say the sentence should be so harsh it would deter terrorists from seeking shelter in the US. 

The judge ruled that 67-year-old Rasmieh Odeh lied on her citizenship application by not disclosing that she was convicted of aiding a 1969 terrorist bombing at a supermarket in Jerusalem.

She was sentenced to 18 months in prison for immigration fraud and ordered to be deported afterwards.


Prosecutors had argued Odeh should serve at least five years as a warning to terrorist groups like the self-proclaimed Islamic State that they cannot lie in order to gain access to the US.

Defense attorneys countered that the Chicago-based activist was tortured into confessing to the bombing.

They say they will appeal the sentence.   


  • Quinn Klinefelter
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