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City of Detroit Urges Mask Wearing Indoors as Transmission Rate Is Increased to High

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About 1 in 1,000 Detroiters is getting COVID-19 a week, says Denise Fair, the City of Detroit’s Chief Public Health Officer.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has elevated the COVID-19 community transmission rate in Detroit from substantial to high. That means that each week at least 1 out of 1,000 Detroiters is contracting the virus.  

As of Monday, there have been 55,883 confirmed cases of the virus, according to city data

Almost 98% of people who are getting COVID have the delta variant, which is stronger and it’s spreading rapidly.” —Denise Fair, City of Detroit

Denise Fair, the City of Detroit’s Chief Public Health Officer, says this means it’s important for all Detroiters to wear masks when they are indoors.  

But also, it’s important if you go to a gathering, and you’re around a lot of people and you’re inside and a lot of people may not be wearing a mask or you don’t know if someone has been vaccinated, it’s important to get tested,” she says. 

About 56% of Detroiters age 12 and up have not received a dose of the vaccine. The unvaccinated rate statewide is 39%. To address lagging vaccination rates, the city has launched several initiatives, including going door to door to inoculate anyone who wants the vaccine and offering third doses to those with compromised immune systems.  

Fair says some people are getting COVID-19 who have already been vaccinated, citing the highly contagious delta variant.  

We’re also seeing more people who are getting COVID who have the delta variant. In fact, it’s almost 98% of people who are getting COVID have the delta variant, which is stronger and it’s spreading rapidly,” she says.  

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