Tribute from Gretchen Gruenburg

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SUBMITTED BY: Gretchen Gruenburg

Ed has such an iconic voice and an unending wealth of music knowledge. What a gift to experience that all these years I’ve lived in Detroit. I hope he knows just how special he is to this community.

Ed Love | 60 Years of Jazz in Detroit

This post is a part of Ed Love | 60 Years of Jazz in Detroit.

Ed Love is a musical institution. Generations of Detroiters know Ed as the voice who guided us through almost 60 years of "Destination Jazz: The Ed Love Program", playing the classics and introducing us to new music each week on WDET-FM.

Now, into his sixth decade of radio, Love is still working, introducing yet another generation to the jazz tradition and the power of music.

In 2020, Ed Love reached 60 years on the air. Check out tributes and accolades for his six decades of radio.

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