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Heard on Ann Delisi's Essential Music

Radios in Motion” Back On WDET Airwaves for One Day Only

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Image credit: Courtesy of Radios in Motion

Radio hosts Mike Halloran and Ann Delisi lead a “Radios in Motion” reboot on March 21st from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm.

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Radio host Mike Halloran hasn’t been on the air in Detroit for over 30 years. But his influence on broadcasting in Detroit can still be felt. 

The former host of 101.9 WDET’s “Radios in Motion” helped bring the city’s dynamic, emerging New Wave music scene to radio listeners. 

Now, for one day only, Mike is returning to the WDET airwaves with Ann Delisi to celebrate Detroit’s punk rock musical legacy with very special “Radios in Motion” reboot.

Join Mike and Ann from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM on March 21st when they go back in time to celebrate the underground rock, punk, and new wave genres that Mike helped launch to popularity in Detroit. 

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Detroit has birthed a lot of music scenes,” Halloran says of deciding what to play on ‘Radios in Motion.’ The city had attracted a number of musicians, from blues to country to bluegrass. ”They all got to Detroit, and this amalgamation of weirdness happened. Detroit became a hotbed of experimentation, it was just electric and it was on fire.”

Wondering what you might hear during the show? Check out some archival “Radios in Motion” playlists below:

Courtesy of Radios in Motion
Courtesy of Radios in Motion
Courtesy of Radios in Motion
Courtesy of Radios in Motion
Courtesy of Radios in Motion
Courtesy of Radios in Motion
Courtesy of Radios in Motion
Courtesy of Radios in Motion


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