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Listen to WDET’S Sam Beaubien Two-Hour All Detroit Airwave Takeover

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Digging into his personal record collection, he played two-hours of music made right here in Detroit.

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On Tuesday, November 19th, 101.9 WDET’s Sam Beaubien took over the WDET airwaves for a special broadcast.

Digging into his personal record collection, he played two-hours of music made right here in Detroit. The first hour focuses on jazz from Detroit, mainly released in the 1970’s from artists like Harold McKinney, Phil Ranelin, Eddie Russ and Larry Nozero. In the second hour, he changes up the pace and plays a mix of records from Detroit electronic music scene from producers Moodymann, Andres, Shigeto, Hyle Hall and many others. 

Click on the player above to hear WDET’S Sam Beaubien two-hour special. 

Sam Beaubien, Creative Producer

Sam Beaubien is a musician, composer, producer, and educator in Detroit. He is also the founder and leader of the acclaimed ensemble, Will Sessions.


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