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Milo Minute: Odmiana, Nadim Azzam, and Black Women Rock

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Each week, Detroit music journalist Jeff Milo previews some of the best live shows happening in the region.

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Longtime Detroit music journalist Jeff Milo’s byline appears in publications locally and globally. He’s been plugging ears into the Detroit scene for years with his prolific Deep Cutz blog and his YouTube series, The Milo Show.

Each week, Milo gives us a rundown of can’t-miss shows in and around the Detroit area. 

Friday, March 15th

Experimental Rock at the Ghost Light

Detroit-based trio Odmiana features guitar, bass, and drums, with vocals soaring over top. Each of those components keeps things fluid, expressive, and sometimes intricately complex in their phrasing. The melodies and percussion are as fine-tuned and layered as something you might encounter in a jazz setting, but there’s a signature propulsive, elevating quality of “math rock” in the tunes. Minneapolis garage rock group Johnny Yuma is touring in to join Odmiana at the Ghost Light in Hamtramck, along with fellow math-rock/prog-rock quartet Just Plurals.

Nadim Azzam EP Release at the Blind Pig

Nadim Azzam’s style may seem familiar at surface level, but then the songs begin. He pairs tightly hooked acoustic guitar riff with vocals that go from a pop/folk croon into verses that hit the cadence of rap bars. Add in the bass, drums, and saxophone, and things can get soulful, even funky. His debut EP hit enough chords to land him a spot opening on tour for Matisyahu. Azaam will be joined at the Blind Pig by a potent indie rock band called The Stellars, as well as The Hacky Turtles and OSSI Music.

Saturday, March 16th

Satin Stone EP Release w/ Amino Acids at UFO Factory

Some bands can have a sound reminiscent of the late 60’s or early 70’s but Satin Stone sound like they actually time traveled to 2019 through a wormhole. They play hazy, blazey sort of funk-pop/world-fusion/paisley-punk rock. They are releasing a collection of recorded songs, joined by the demonstrably out-of-this-world group The Amino Acids at the UFO Factory. Also on this lineup are Pittsburgh groups The Spectres, and Nox Boys. 

Black Women Rock at the Charles H. Wright Museum

The annual Black Women Rock showcase, spearheaded by poet and activist jessica Care moore is a movement, a declaration, a dynamic musical demonstration that’s hosted at the Charles H Wright Museum to support internationally known black women rock artists and musicians. This year’s showcase will pay tribute to funk legend Betty Davis and other trailblazing women, the Daughters of Betty, who carry on that iconic performer’s empowered independence and defiant determination to bring forward her own vision, her own sound, her own style of performing. More info here.

Jeff Milo , Reporter, CultureShift

Jeff Milo is a Reporter for CultureShift. He’s a longtime music journalist documenting the Michigan scene for 15 years.

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