Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot and More: Local Author John Tenney Explores the Weird Corners of Our Reality

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Local writer and paranormal researcher John Tenney has been exploring the stranger corners of our reality for years.

Each Halloween season, he divulges his many encounters with the supernatural in front of a live audience.


Tenney will be at O’Mara’s Irish Pub in Berkley on Tuesday, October 30. Find tickets and info here

CultureShift’s Amanda LeClaire sat down with Tenney to talk about his experiences with the unknown. 

I don’t believe any of this,” Tenney explains. “The universe and reality is a very wonky situation. Science is always a ‘best guess’. For a scientist or a skeptic to say there’s one-hundred percent no chance that there’s ghosts or there’s one-hundred percent no chance that there’s no UFOs, Bigfoot…that’s very dogmatic and that’s not science.”

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