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Detroit Rapper Chris Orrick Discusses New Album

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Image credit: Photo by Jeremy Deputat

It feels like more of myself when I’m doing stuff like this,” says Orrick.

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Photo by Jeremy Deputat
Photo by Jeremy Deputat

Detroit rapper Chris Orrick, formally known as Red Pill, has never shied away from making music that is deeply personal, honest, and critical.

PortraitsOrrick’s third full length album released via indie front-runner Mello Music Group is full of sharp political criticism and vulnerable moments that demonstrate Orrick’s skill as a writer.

Portraits has been described as a return to form for Orrick.

WDET’s Gus Navarro spoke with Orrick about the new album and how he defines success as an artist. 

Portraits “is going back to more of the…dusty, jazzy, feel that people initially got to hear me do,” he says.

It feels like more of myself when I’m doing stuff like this.” 

Click on the audio player above for the full conversation. 


Gus Navarro, Associate Producer

Gus Navarro is an Associate Producer for Detroit Today, helping produce the show and bring a passion for learning about Detroit and collaborating with others.


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