#BestSchoolDay Initiative Helps Fund Plymouth-Canton Classroom

Teachers across the nation are protesting a lack of funding for public schools. Demonstrations in West Virginia, Arizona and Oklahoma have gripped America’s attention, shifting many people’s focus on public education in our society.

But one partnership between a Silicon Valley tech company and an online funding platform for education is helping to aid in this issue. Ripple is a company that uses blockchains and cryptocurrencies to update the way international payments are processed. The online education funding platform is called DonorsChoose.org, which teachers to create funding projects for items they need in their classroom, and anyone to fund those projects.

At the end of March, Ripple donated $29 million to fund all of the projects on DonorsChoose.org as a part of the #BestSchoolDay initiative. The scope reached public schools across the country, including some in Metro Detroit. One Plymouth-Canton Schools classroom saw the benefit of the initiative. Listen to the link above for more on #BestSchoolDay.

Image credit: Jared Hoehing

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