Power of Reading: What Impact Did Your Favorite Book Have on Your Life?

Will Schwalbe

Every year, The Midwest Literary Walk sends book lovers on a unique “stroll” through town where they hear from an impressive line-up of authors.

This year’s walk will be on Saturday April 28th and features Michigan favorite son Michael Eric Dyson, a poet with a lot of buzz, and an author who thinks a lot about what it means to be a reader, and lover of books.

Rich Fahle, who organizes the Midwest Literary Walk with the Chelsea District Library, previews the event with Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson

In its tenth year, the walk continues to grow and build on past success, says Fahle.

The one-day event takes place in Chelsea, Michigan and mostly focuses on “authors that write about the mid-west and write about Michigan and Detroit,” he says.

Author Will Schwalbe writes about the written word and the power of ideas. He will be kicking off the Literary Walk.

Schwalbe also joins Detroit Today to talk about his appearance at this Saturday’s event.

According to Schwalbe, he grew up listening to his mom read to him until he was old enough to start reading on his own.

Ever since then I’ve just loved to talk with people about books they were reading and books I was reading,” he says. 

We also hear from numerous callers about their favorite books and the impact of reading in their lives.

Click on the audio player above for the full conversation. 

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