Mexican Designer Looks to Build Economic and Cultural Ties Between Detroit, Oaxaca

Detroit Today has talked at length about President Trump, his rhetoric and policymaking on immigration, and how it’s affecting immigrants here in America.

We’ve also looked at the deep ties the United States has to Mexico and Latin America, regardless of who happens to be in power in either country.

Those ties bind the United States with its southern neighbor economically, politically, and culturally. And they reach north all the way to our own city of Detroit.

Recently, host Stephen Henderson talked about a group of immigrants heading north from Central America. They recently arrived in the southern Mexican city of Oaxaca.

Adriana Pavon is an artist and designer based in Oaxaca who lived in Detroit for over 20 years. She speaks with Henderson about the work she’s doing to create stronger economic and cultural ties between these two places through her art and design.

Pavon says she sees many parallels between Detroit and Oaxaca. 

Click on the audio player above to hear the conversation.

Image credit: Mexico Cultura y Orgullo/YouTube

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