Free Press Cartoonist Turns Michigan Congressional Districts Into ‘Gerrymonsters’

Jake Neher/WDET

Mike Thompson

Frankenstein! Dracula! A block-headed dragon!

These aren’t just fictional monsters. These are the creatures Detroit Free Press cartoonist Mike Thompson divined out of the mangled congressional district map in Michigan.

In a piece he calls “Gerrymonstered,” Thompson lampoons our state’s horribly contorted district map.

My goal in doing this was to highlight the problem with gerrymandering,” says Thompson. “So I thought there’s got to be a way to comment on this visually and drive home the point with images instead of words that Michigan’s gerrymandered congressional districts are truly frightening.”

Click on the audio player above to hear Thompson’s interview on Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson.

Courtesy of Mike Thompson/Detroit Free Press

Thompson’s depiction of Michigan’s 4th Congressional District as Frankenstein’s Monster.


Image credit: Courtesy of Mike Thompson/Detroit Free Press

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