FLOW Calls Analysis of the Line 5 Pipeline ‘Unreliable’

Pat Batcheller

A Great Lakes advocacy organization is criticizing a report on possible alternatives to using Enbridge Energy’s ‘Line 5’ pipeline.

The group “FLOW” says the report underestimates the risk of an oil spill from the pipeline, the impact such an accident would have on the lakes, and the amount it would cost to clean it up.

The project manager at FLOW is Kelly Thayer. He contends the report also assumes Michigan must guarantee Enbridge’s ability to pump oil through the pipeline.

The reality is that Michigan’s responsibility is to the Great Lakes,” Thayer says. “Those are owned by all of us. And they must be protected for all of our benefits. And in fact, the Great Lakes power the Pure Michigan economy.”

FLOW officials say because of the flaws in the report it should not be used to determine Line 5’s future.

Many other organizations are also calling for the shutdown of the 64-year-old pipeline.

Image credit: National Wildlife Federation

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