Josie” Scores New Home

A stray kitten scored a new home after Joe Louis Arena workers caught it on the ice. ”Josie” is likely the last visitor to play in the Detroit stadium.

She’s going to live with a Red Wings team staff member.

WDET’s Sandra Svoboda talked with Art Regner, editorial assistant for about the cat. Click on the audio link above to hear their whole conversation.

Here’s a partial transcript of their conversation:

Art Regner: Originally this kitten that they found, they thought was a squirrel and they had been trying to catch it for about a week. They were unsuccessful. Usually what happens is if they catch a critter at Joe Louis Arena, it’s a squirrel, birds sometimes but those are easy to guide them out of the building. (When it’s) a squirrel, then they release it outside right next to the Detroit River, they just let it go.

(Back to the kitten) Somehow this kitten made it out onto the ice surface, and they were able to finally catch it, and to everyone’s surprise it turned out to be a very, very young kitten. She’s a female. She is in good spirits, very friendly but a little bit shy and taken aback and a little bit afraid.

Sandra Svoboda: What position was she playing out there?

AR: If they had to catch it, she was certainly up against the wall or the boards, I’m not sure exactly what part on the ice. I’m sure that she would either be a goalie or a center, probably the two most dominant position on the ice.

SS: What kind of name? She’s a female

AR: Everyone’s calling her “Josie.”

SS: Well Art, you tried to push this cat off on social media but we’re kind of full up at my house. I have three and I think I would lose a husband if I gained another cat. Why isn’t she going to your house?

AR: I used to have seven. Unfortunately we lost two last year. I now have five, and as much as I’d like to take Josie, I don’t think the two elder cats could handle it right now.

SS: Now Art, you and I have reached a high point in our respective careers of discussing our cats on public radio.

AR: (Josie) would be a unique pet to have simply because of her back story which, of course, is being caught on the ice at Joe Louis Arena.

SS: And possibly the last creature to skate on it, right?

AR: Without question. We think she will be but you never know. We’re still all working down at Joe Louis Arena. We won’t be moving to the Little Caesar’s Arena until the fall time. There’s a lot of packing going on so the Joe Louis is still a vibrant place, believe it or not. There’s a few more concerts, a WWE thing going on and the Bob Dylan and his whole entourage with Willie Nelson is going to be there. Then they’re really going to start winding it down.


Image credit: Art Regner

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