Unruly Women: Two Friends Get Arrested at Cedar Point, Hilarity Ensues in Ferndale

Unruly Women @ Go! Comedy Improv Theatre

The talented team of Jennifer Bloomer and Mary Beth Kolbicz are back at it in Ferndale, delivering all the awesome, awkward laughs a mouth could dream of, if mouths could dream. These two phenomenal women are the writers and directors a new, original sketch comedy show at Go! Comedy Improv Theatre called Unruly Women. 

The show follows two unabashedly weird women who get arrested for crimes at Cedar Point. Over the course of the show we learn just how these two dissimilar women even know each other in the first place while they’re being held in the Cedar Point holding cell. They describe it as a partially improvised show with sketch elements .

Unruly Women runs October 20th and 27th  as well as November 3rd and 11th

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Image credit: Go! Comedy's Unruly Women

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