Funeral, Visitation set for Gordie Howe

Preparations are set for memorials to the man known simply as Mr. Hockey.

A public visitation will be held in Detroit for hockey legend Gordie Howe, who died Friday at the age of 88.

He epitomized the sport for generations of fans, a prolific scorer with a mean streak on the ice, kind and generous to a fault off of it.

The public viewing is set for tomorrow at Joe Louis Arena, home of the Detroit Red Wings team that Howe brought four Stanley Cup championships to during the 1950’s en route to producing some of the most significant records in hockey.

Howe earned a roughly four minute standing ovation when he played in his last All Star game, held at the Joe in 1980 with then-rookie Wayne Gretzky on the same ice.

Now an entrance and a statue at the arena are dedicated to Howe.

His family will greet members of the public at the visitation, which is scheduled to go from nine in the morning to nine at night, nine being the jersey number Howe made famous during a career that spanned five decades.

His funeral, also open to the public, will be held the next day at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Detroit.

Image credit: Tia Graham

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