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Oakland County to Help Fund City Road Repairs

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners is setting aside $1 million in road funding for local municipalities.

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Oakland County municipalities can now apply for funds to fix local roads as part of a pilot program.

The County Board of Commissioners is launching the pilot to give cities more access to money to repair their roads.

Chairman Mike Gingell says it is not the county’s  responsibility to fund roads.

Road funding comes from the gas tax and vehicle tax. That money goes to Lansing and then it’s allocated back out to the cities,” Gingell says. “But rather than sitting on our hands saying there is nothing we can do, we initiated this pilot program. We’re going to use it as a bridge for 2016 and see how it works.”

Gingell says the program is a better fit for funding local streets than the current system which only benefits county maintained roads. He says cities can start applying for funds in the next two weeks.

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