Local Classically Trained Pianist Prepares for Orchestra Hall Debut

Ivan Moshchuk

Classically trained pianist Ivan Moshchuk was born in Moscow and raised in Grosse Pointe. He has toured with his music around Europe and now returns to Detroit for the next stage of his career.

Detroit’s unlike any other city right now in the world,” said Moshchuk. “In Detroit, at our core, we’re still grounded. The people that live here are in our own kind of truth.”

Moshchuk says he doesn’t feel limited by genre. He says the compartmentalization of music is a relatively new concept. Instead, he says, he focuses on interpreting music from the past to reflect the present.

Moshchuk performs live in the WDET studio on Detroit Today. He plays Brahms’s “Intermezzo Opus 118 #2.” He says he plays the piece in A Major because it reminds him of spring.

Every key is its own universe,” said Moshchuk.

In honor of his return to Detroit, he will be playing a solo show sponsored by ProMusica on June 9th at Orchestra Hall.

To hear Ivan play and hear his conversation with host Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today, click on the audio player above.

Image credit: Ivan Moshchuk

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