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How Have the Media Done Covering the Flint Water Crisis?

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Media critic Anna Clark says media have a tough job digging for the truth during a story of crisis

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Laura Weber Davis
Laura Weber Davis

The water crisis in Flint began nearly two years ago as the city of Flint moved away from Detroit’s water system and began drawing instead from the corrosive Flint River. The story of the health implications and the true crisis at hand began to receive local and regional media attention last summer and fall. Soon the scope of Flint became apparent as national and international media outlets dug into Michigan. As newspapers and broadcasts are full of Flint stories, reporters have looked for new and interesting angles, sometimes successfully and sometimes not.

How have the media done covering this story? In your estimation, have reporters done a good job shining light on this story, or are they missing something you think is key to the story?

Anna Clark, a local media critic for Columbia Journalism Review, joins Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson for an inward look at media coverage of a big story.


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