Michigan State School Superintendent, Addresses the Condition of Detroit’s Schools

On Tuesday, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan toured public schools in the city to see for himself some of the deplorable conditions students and teachers face every day in these buildings. He called some of what he saw “disturbing” — including a dead mouse and a classroom full of children forced to wear winter coats because of improper heating in the building. Teachers have been calling in sick throughout the district to close down schools and draw attention to pervasive issues — black mold, mushrooms growing out of floorboards, heating and cooling problems, violence, aggression, inattention. The Republican leadership at the state Capitol has yet to craft a plan to help D-P-S emerge from deep financial debt, and the school district’s fiscal woes loom ever larger. What can the state Department of Education do to support D-P-S? And are the colossal issues here a distraction from problems with schools throughout the state? Stephen Henderson welcomed State School Superintendent Brian Whiston, to Detroit Today to discuss, teacher sick-outs, school conditions and how to fix the woes of the DPS.

To hear their conversation, please click the audio link above:

Image credit: dhendrix73/ CC

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