The Week in News with Nancy Kaffer

Were people poisoned by lead in Flint’s water system? What are the chances of Carson or Trump getting the Republican Presidential nomination? Detroit Today’s Stephen Henderson talks with Detroit Free Press columnist Nancy Kaffer about the week’s news.


Lead: Kaffer says that the controversy over the lead content in Flint’s water supply “…needs to be as high as fiscal responsibility.” Because according to Kaffer, “The effects of lead on kids is irreversible.”


GOP Nomination: Ben Carson and Donald Trump won’t have a chance of winning the nomination according to Kaffer. “I don’t see Ben Carson or Donald Trump doing well when people have to start voting.”


Friday the 13th: Kaffer says that Friday the Thirteenth is based on the Knights Templar. She says that the end of the Knights came when an arrest warrant for its members was served and executed on a Friday the Thirteenth, though she admits “…Some people say that this is an urban legend.”


To hear more of their roundup of the week’s news, click the link above.

Image credit: Michael Hayball

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