Can Michigan Football Balance Academics and Sports?

Who really controls the universities nowadays—the presidents or the coaches? Today, Stephen Henderson is joined by John U. Bacon, author of The Rise, Fall and Return of Michigan Football, talks about who really has the power and how to get it back.

Money, money and more money: Football is pretty troubled right now, according to Bacon. He asks what place does it really have in academics? According to Bacon, the volume of discussion has increased dramatically the last five years, and he says money could be to blame. While coaches pay has skyrocketed more than 750 percent, professors pay has remained terribly stagnant.

Who holds the real power? According to Bacon, it’s not the presidents of the universities.  Michigan will need to restructure and increase its focusing on trying to find a balance between sports and academics, Bacon says.

Click the link above to listen to the full conversation.

Image credit: Arthur J. Regner

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