Canine Flu Added to Michigan’s Reportable Disease List

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is requiring veterinarians to report all cases of the canine flu to the state in an effort to control its spread.

Although Michigan has confirmed only three cases of the disease, an outbreak of a new strain in Chicago earlier this year infected over a thousand dogs.  Cases have since been confirmed in 13 states.

Interim Director of the Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health at Michigan State University, Thomas Mullaney, says researchers are trying to develop a way to fight the new strain:

 ”There are several vaccines on the market for the strain which first broke out in 2004 and I’m quite certain that there are several vaccine companies that are working on a vaccine for this particular strain. But as far as I’m aware those vaccines have not yet come on the market.”

Mullaney says the latest strain came from Asia. He says most infected dogs show symptoms within a few days of being exposed to the flu but are typically back to normal after one to two weeks. 

Image credit: J. Carlisle Larsen

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