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Many of the stories that you hear on-air begin as a concept in these very rooms. As you can see, it’s pretty crowded

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Our award-winning news team is growing and bringing you more of the trusted local news and inclusive conversations you rely on. WDET’s Newsroom Campaign is all about tearing down the walls to create a space for more reporters to collaborate with partners, and listeners like you, that share our vision for an informed and engaged community. 

WDET’s news team is currently housed in three different offices, and we’ve run out of desk space. We’ve outgrown the space and are planning to make an investment that will expand these three newsroom into one. 


Take A Look Inside…


Room #1

The award display, the beach ball and the electronic equipment in this picture pretty much sum up our news staff. Work hard. Make it fun. Ready for an upgrade.
Room #1

Our current newsroom design philosophy? Anything that fits. Despite the fact people are constantly looking at the board over Laura Herberg’s desk to post their news stories, she produces amazing work. You’ve probably heard her in our recent series on Delray.
Room #1

We’ve done the best we can to create space for our news interns. Over 40 high school seniors and college students cycle through these offices each year, playing an important role in powering our daily news operations…working from makeshift desks.
Room #2

Every Monday our entire editorial team meets to plan for the week. This is where we frame our questions, determine the best sources and set our editorial calendar. As you can tell, it’s pretty cramped in here.
Room #2

Say hello to two of our newest interns, Pam and Veronica. Together, they work at this small desk to bring “Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson” segments to your desktop and mobile app.
Room #3

The home of WDET’s special assignments team. While the posters on the wall are pretty cool, the wall itself makes it hard for them to be connected with the rest of the news department.
Room #3

Say hello to our special assignments team. They are the people that power WDET’s Detroit by the Numbers, Detroit Parks Watch and so much more. Even though they aren’t in the most comfortable seating arrangement, they play an important role in bringing you more multimedia content and creating ways to include your voice into our news coverage.

Many of the stories that you hear on-air begin as a concept in these very rooms. As you can see, it’s pretty crowded. Join us in making an investment in the people and space that power your source of local, independent news coverage.



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