Pedestrian Bridge Planned over I-75 in Woodhaven

The City of Woodhaven is planning to build a new pedestrian bridge over I-75. The bridge, an addition to an existing crossway on West Road, will be paid for mainly by a more than $1 million grant from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments.

Woodhaven City Planner John Enos says residents have been requesting a safer way for pedestrians to travel over the highway.

There is really only one way to get across 75, and that was going under. It was just a narrow sidewalk, and there’s lots of traffic on West Road,” Enos says. “Residents have made it a point to say ‘Hey, we want to be able to walk or ride our bikes to the primary commercial area, but we have to take our lives into our own hands.’”

Enos says the completed system will show that roads are not just for motorized vehicles, but for everyone. Construction is scheduled to begin next year. 

Image credit: i_yudai/ CC

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