The Beginning of the End: Him and Her

Stephen Henderson talks with WDET’s Alex Trajano about his podcast, The Beginning of The End.” New episodes of the podcast will be posted every other Wednesday, and are available through iTunes and other podcast platforms. They talk about responses to the podcast’s first episode and the many ways endings can shape our lives. Hear their conversation, as well as a story from the second episode about the end of a relationship.

  • Turning points: Trajano says the most interesting thing about his podcast is reaching a point where the storyteller is faced with a mental debate within themselves, a time when they had to figure out their next move and which path to take.
  • Him and Her”: Trajano says it was difficult in the beginning to find a couple willing to share their story about the ups and downs of their relationship. The couple who volunteered explained their long process of trying to figure out whether or not to stay together.
  • Preview episode: Hear an emotional story from the second episode of “The Beginning of the End”, about the end of a couple’s romantic relationship after six years.
  • Listen to the podcast:  “The Beginning of the End” will have a 12-episode season and is available now to listen on, as well as for free on iTunes and other podcast platforms.

Click the audio link above to listen to the conversation and story.  

Image credit: Beginning of the End/ WDET

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