A Can’t-miss Cultural Onslaught: The Porous Borders Festival Unites Hamtramck & Detroit [Video]

We really love our neighborhood and we think it’s a very unique space… and there’s a lot of interesting things that come from being sandwiched between some different borders.”

Liza Bielby, co-director of the Hinterlands Ensemble and curator of the Porous Borders Festival

The Hinterlands is an immersive and avant-garde theatre company based in Detroit that puts on interactive spectacles. This weekend the fine folks of the Hinterlands are producing the inaugural Porous Borders Festival, an alternative celebration of diversity along the border of Hamtramck and Detroit, featuring  pick-up cricket games, a pop-up nail salon, and lots of music. WDET’s Travis Wright talks to curator Liza Bielby and musician Jennie Knaggs of Lac La Belle and we get a special harmonium performance by 15-year old Mumpi of the Bangla School of Music.

-Eli Newman, Culture City Associate Producer

Image credit: Courtesy of Porous Borders / The Hinterlands

Aired on: Culture City
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