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Live Opera Performance: The Merry Widow

Have you seen The Merry Widow yet? If not, check out this conversation with host Stephen Henderson and Aaron Blake, who plays the role of Camille in the Michigan Opera Theatre’s rendition of Franz Lehar’s comedic operetta, The Merry Widow

Blake tells Stephen about his first time performing in Michigan and how a career in Chicago and auditions in New York led him to the role of Camille in The Merry Widow. They also discuss the frivolity of Parisian love and magic in 1905, which is where the operetta takes place, and the connection between Lehar’s music and tenors. Blake also says that even though there is current interest in contemporary pieces, he predicts that the future of the opera world will be a return to the older classics. 

Click on the play button above to hear the full conversation and a special performance by Blake.



Image credit: WDET

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