Washtenaw May Add E-Cigarettes to Indoor-Smoking Ban

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Image credit: Xavierrap23/Creative Commons

Washtenaw County considers adding e-cigarettes to indoor-smoking ban.

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Xavierrap23/Creative Commons

Washtenaw County residents have an opportunity to comment on possible changes to the county’s clean indoor-air regulation. Officials are considering adding e-cigarettes to an indoor-smoking ban. 

Sharon Sheldon is the Program Administrator for the Disease Prevention Division at Washtenaw County Public Health.  She says the current regulation is unclear on whether e-cigarettes are included in the ban. 

In our regulation that came into being in 2003, we had a very vague statement in there that said and other smoking products, because there weren’t any e-cigarettes at that time,” Sheldon says.  “So there seems to be some controversy whether our current clean indoor-air regulation covers electronic nicotine delivery systems.”

Sheldon says there is also evidence, though not conclusive, that e-cigarettes can cause second hand exposure to nicotine and other dangerous chemicals. 

The public hearing will be held at the County Clerk’s office in Ann Arbor on March 18th.

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