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Charles H. Wright Celebrates 50!

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Celebrate 50 Years with the Charles H. Wright Museum!

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The Charles H- Wright Museum of African American History is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this month. Throughout the last five decades the museum of has had groundbreaking programs such as, Without Sanctuary, an exhibit about lynchings in the American South, and, Visions Of Our 44th President, the Wright Museum’s first national traveling exhibit.

LaNesha De-Bar-delaben is the Vice President of Community engagement at The Charles H Wright Museum. She tells WDET’s Martina Guzman that the museum’s success is based on storytelling.

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Martina Guzman, Feature Reporter

Martina Guzmán is WDET’s community reporter. She is committed to bringing the voice of marginalized communities to WDET listeners.

mguzman@wdet.org Follow @MGuzman_Detroit

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