Flint’s Water Advisory Committee Solicits Feedback at First Public Meeting Thursday

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Flint’s Water Advisory Committee is holding its first meeting on Thursday.

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Flint’s Water Advisory Committee is holding its first meeting on Thursday. The committee was formed by Mayor Dayne Walling and Emergency Manager Jerry Ambrose to allow the public to voice their concerns about the city’s water.

Liz Murphy is the Assistant to the Emergency Manager. She says the meeting is the best way for the city to hear from citizens.

I think that this is the best opportunity for us to be able to get our clear message out. It’s been sort of piecemeal,” says Murphy. “And also for a wide variety of users to be able to tell us are we answering the right question? Are we addressing the right concerns to the users?”

Murphy says the meeting will include a short presentation from the Department of Public Works and from a recently hired water consultant. Citizens have complained about the odor and color of Flint’s water in recent months.

Photo Credit: Sarah Razak / CC

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