Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is a broadcast personality/nationally-renowned tastemaker and host of the multi-genre electronic music program The Progressive Underground. He is also a correspondent for NPR (National Public Radio) curating global underground music for national segments such as "Heavy Rotation" and "Songs We Love."  Campbell is the host of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s “Paradise Jazz Series,” “Concerts at the Cube,” and is co-host of the Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre’s “Jazzy Wednesdays Summer Concert Series.”   

He has also hosted events including the Detroit International Jazz Festival, Charivari Detroit Electronic Music Fest and has curated/hosted Detroit Performs LIVE on WTVS-Channel 56 Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), along with hosting/moderating a variety of concerts, industry showcases, artist album releases, panel discussions, movie screenings, and press unveilings.

Campbell is also an author and music journalist who has written for national and international publications such as Smooth Jazz News, Upscale, and Examiner.  He is a published author as his books “The Essential Neo-Soul” and “Essential Neo-Soul 2.0” spotlight the modern-day progressive soul music movement and are the only publications of their kind to cover the history of the modern/alternative soul community.