Ismael Ahmed


Host, This Island Earth

Ismael Ahmed was appointed Senior Advisor to the Chancellor and Associate Provost of Metropolitan Impact at the University of Michigan-Dearborn beginning January 2011. Prior to that, he served in Governor Jennifer M. Granholm’s administration as Director of the Michigan Department of Human Services, the state’s second largest department. He co-founded the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) in 1971 and was appointed executive director in 1983, growing it into a national human service and advocacy agency with affiliates in 24 cities.

The son of first generation immigrants, Ismael Ahmed is co-founder of The Arab American National Museum in Dearborn and now serves as an executive member of its advisory board. Since 1984, he has lead Detroit’s Concert of Colors, one of the largest world music festivals in the United States, which he co-curates and co-chairs. Since 1998, he has been producer and host of “This Island Earth”.  

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April 25, 2015 Playlist: Burning Spear, Papa Wembe & Comboio This Island Earth

April 27, 2015 on This Island Earth

Playlist from This Island Earth on April 25, 2015 featuring Burning Spear, Papa Wembe & Comboio.

Song Artist Album
Limbe Tone lnc. Euro Lounge
Alice Da Lata Serious
African Woman Baaba Maal Firin ln Fouta
Spaceman Jorge Ben Benjor
Voulez Vous Arling & Cameron Euro Lounge
Mek We Dweet Burning Spear Mek We Dweet
Rock and Roll Burning Spear Freeman
Hey Dready Burning Spear Mek We Dweeet
Great Men Dub Burning Spear Mek We Dweeet
Rise Up Burning Spear Freeman
Cuarto Sin Ventanas Radio Mundial La Raiz
Bizcocho Amargo Si Se Si Se
Song Artist Album
My Sol Si Se Si Se
Yolele Papa Wembe Emotion
Good Governance Janka Nabay Ahmed Janka Nabay
Stranded ln The Jungle The Cadets 1956 The Rock & Roll Era
Oh Yeah Los Lobos This Time
Maracutu Atomicko Chico Science & Nacao Zumbi Afrociberdelia
Xeque Mate Comboio Comboio
Ganapati Susheela Raman Sampler
Mungu Lokua Kanza WapiYo
Suku Suku Bam Bam King Sonny Ade Seven Degrees North

April 18, 2015 Playlist: Ona, Kissmet & Erykah Badu on This Island Earth

April 18, 2015 on This Island Earth

Playlist from This Island Earth on April 18, 2015 featuring Ona, Kissmet & Erykah Badu.

Song Artist Album
Don't Panic Carnivore Carnivore
lrma Molto Jazz lrma Moto Jazz Carnivore
Funky Nassau Erykah Badu & Blues Brothers Blues Brothers 2000
Brookarest N/A Nickodemus Special Mixes
Soviet Pop Ona Roots Power
Firelight Thievery Corporation Saudade
Para Sempre Thievery Corporation Saudade
Whachuwannado Yerba Buena Fun Machine Presents Yerba Buena
Soy O Estoy Cafe' Tecuba Lugar
Tomar El Fresco Cafe' Tecuba Lugar
More Time Linton Kwesi Johnson More Time
Ne Rendra Beau I lmmonde Avec LKJ Sinsemilia Tout C Qu Ona A
Decca-Dance Gnawa Diffusion Souk System
ltchak El Baz Gnawa Diffusion Souk Sytem
Song Artist Album
Hasnaduro Wakha Clan Wakha Clan
Jaan Kissmet Trippln The Life Fantastic
Whole tot Of Love Kissmet Trippin The Lfe Fantastic
Be As One Transglobal Underground The Stone Turntabte
Sing For The Love Of Your Life Transglobal Underground The Stone Turntabte
Sheddlng Skin Kasrh Kale Yoga Lounge
Happy Land Ultra Marine United Kingdom
Santa Maria/ Tom Middretorls cosmos Mix Gotan Project Gotan Project
Gibraltar Nickodemus Endangered species Remrxes
Margarita Santana/Romeo Santos Corazon
People Dansa Flavia/ Tony Allen Coelho
Carimbo Nacao Zumbl Radio Samba

April 11, 2015 Playlist: Transglobal Underground, Dub Colosssus & Batidos on This Island Earth

April 11, 2015 on This Island Earth

Playlist from This Island Earth on April 11, 2015 featuring Transglobal Underground, Dub Colosssus & Batidos.

Song Artist Album
Something ln The Water Pokey La Farge Radio Singles
Take lt Back The Temperance Movement Radio Singles
Concord Group Womexizer 12 Womexizer 12
Mad Up The Place Rise As One Rise As One
Crazy ln Dub Dub Colosssus Dub Me Tender
Naah Give Up Dubtonic Kuru Evolution
Just A Dream Batidos Olajope
Six Degrees Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca San Salvador
Song Artist Album
Birnam Mouth Music Mo Di
Paddy's Lament Flogging Molly Float
Mambo Diablo Tito Puente Mambo Diablo
Tito Puente Tony Allen Afro Beat No Go Die
Re-Return Of The Original Art Form Thievery Corporation/Major Force The Outernational Sound
London Zulu Transglobal Underground Yes Boss Food Court
Da Ale Da Ale Ofra Haza Shaday

April 4, 2015 Playlist: Sidestepper, John Coltrane & Bobi Cespedes on This Island Earth

April 4, 2015 on This Island Earth

Playlist from This Island Earth on April 4, 2015 featuring Sidestepper, John Coltrane & Bobi Cespedes.

Song Artist Album
Something Dangerous Natacha Atlas/Princess Juliana Something Dangerous
Time for Peace Selasee & the FaFa Family Time for Peace
Fly Away Selasee & the FaFa Family Time for Peace
Emma Manu Dibango/Salif Kedita Wakafrica
Jingo Manu Dibango/King Sunny Ade/ Toure Kanda Wakafrica
Manu Dibango/King Sunny Ade/ Toure Kanda Dissidenteen Jungle Book
lnstinctive Traveler Dissidenteen /Leonek Remix 2001A WordBeat Odyssey
No Llorare Sidestepper 3AM ln Beat we Trust
Lieht Trail Artisan Loyalist Lonely Ghost
Air Baracuda Thievery Corporation The Mirror Conspiracy
Song Artist Album
Vai De Vez Bossa Cuca Nova/ Remixed By Astrid Bossa Cuca Nova Revisited Classics
Obatala Bobi Cespedes Rezo
Pompo Del Pilon Los Carraleros De Majagual The Afro Sound Of Colombia Vol 2
Theres A FairTomorrow Altan Another Sky
The Black Smith Reel La Bottine Souriante The Black Smith Reel
Karpatskyi Rap Dakabraka Daxa Gpaxa/ Light
Locura De Mi Cumbele' Aldofo The Afro Sound Of Colombia Vol 2
Feqer Aydelem Wey Dub Colossus Addis Tough The looking Glass
MAPL Dubmatix/Longfingah Rebel Massive
Blue Berry Hill Louis Armstrong The Katanga Concert
Dahomey Darrce John Coltrane Ole

March 28, 2015 Playlist: Rachid Taha, Bossa Nostra & Idir on This Island Earth

March 28, 2015 on This Island Earth

Playlist from This Island Earth on March 28, 2015 featuring Rachid Taha, Bossa Nostra & Idir.

Song Artist Album
A Book By lts Cover Bo Diddley The Best Of Bo Diddley
Foot Foot Rachid Taha Made In Medina
Carnaval Nacao Zumbi Fome De Tuto
Nuts Da Latta Serious
Hello Jupiter & Okwss lnternational Kwe Nglenda
La Rumba Soya Ricado Lemvo Ricado Lemvo
Million Cigarettes IGlT Like Angles Do
Crazy ln Dub Dub Colossus Dub Me Tnder
Salpica Mambotur Euro Lounge
Jackie Bossa Nostra Euro Lounge
Bossa Nostra Bossa Nostra Euro Lounge
Success I Spit ML Liebler And The Magic Poetry Band The Gift Outright
Kabioye Lekan Babota Afrobeat Revolution
Song Artist Album
Big Black Boat Big Black Boat Big Black Boat
lce Cream For Crow Captain Beef Heart Ice Cream For Crow
I Can't Be Satified Muddy Waters The Best Of Muddy Waters
Yuksek Yuksek Tepeler Minor Empire Minor Empire
Selou Rab Bi Mohammed Globalista
Africa Taferka Idir French Essentials 5
Take Sarava Silvia Torres Take Sarava
Chidade Vazia The Milton Bannana Trio Brazil Blue
Sakka Sak Epic Jean Luc Ponty
Ya Ba Ya Ofra Haza Ya Ba Ye Remixes
Ararim Oojami Urban Dervish

Playlist: Akiko Yano, Los Fabulsos Cadilllacs & Da Cruz

March 21, 2015 on This Island Earth

Playlist from This Island Eart on March 21, 2015 featuring Akiko Yano, Los Fabulsos Cadilllacs & Da Cruz.

Song Artist Album
Gokkigen Wanisan Akiko Yano Akiko Yano
Beams Agatsumea Beams
Lint of Love Cibo Matto Stereo Type A
Substream Kyoto Massive Japan For Sale Volume 3
Ja:Pon Loop Junktion/OJ Bass Japan For Sale Volume 3
l'am A Player ln T.V. Games The Brilliant Green Japan For Sale Volume 3
Una Cartina Intended Immigaration Una Cartina
El Muerto Los Fabulsos Cadilllacs Fabulosos Calaver
Para Nvivir Desusperado Mexican lnstitute Of Sound Pinath
lnmovil Kinky Sueno De La Maquina
Apples And Oranges Wilkes & EThe Dirt Daubers Wild Moon
Apples And Oranges Wilkes & EThe Dirt Daubers Wild Moon
lb Chab/The Feast Mariem Hassan Con Leyoad
Song Artist Album
Turka Liila Hamsa Lila Hamsa Lila
Impromptu Kishi Bashi Lighght
The Game The Levelers Leveling the Land
The Three Captains Bodhaktan Against Winds And Tides
Festorian Hop The Internationals The People Love It
B-Movie The Layabouts No Masters
Seven Minutes The Layabouts No Masters
Curumin Da Cruz Sistema Subversiva
Perfect Traveler The Yohimbe Brothers TheToa Of Yo
Light And Fire P18 Urban Cuban
Ebony & Ivory The Mighty Diamonds The Roots is There
Cripple Creek Buffy St Marie The Best Of Buffy Sainte-Marie
Bury My Heart Adt Wounded Knee Buffy St. Marie Coincidence And Likely Stories
Medicine Song Manfred Mann Manfred Mann's Plain Music