Ismael Ahmed


Host, This Island Earth

Ismael Ahmed was appointed Senior Advisor to the Chancellor and Associate Provost of Metropolitan Impact at the University of Michigan-Dearborn beginning January 2011. Prior to that, he served in Governor Jennifer M. Granholm’s administration as Director of the Michigan Department of Human Services, the state’s second largest department. He co-founded the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) in 1971 and was appointed executive director in 1983, growing it into a national human service and advocacy agency with affiliates in 24 cities.

The son of first generation immigrants, Ismael Ahmed is co-founder of The Arab American National Museum in Dearborn and now serves as an executive member of its advisory board. Since 1984, he has lead Detroit’s Concert of Colors, one of the largest world music festivals in the United States, which he co-curates and co-chairs. Since 1998, he has been producer and host of “This Island Earth”.  

Recent Posts

This Island Earth Playlist May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016 on This Island Earth

Song Artist Album
Yalla Chant/Youth Remix Natacha Atlas The Remix Album Natacha Atlas
Peace Is Power Brothers Baladi Gravity Of Love
Mosse Mosse Mosse Mimmo Epifani Puglia Sounds
The Battle Of Evermore The Love Mongers Battle Of Evermore
Trocintro La Yegros Viente De Mi
Trocitos De Madera La Yegros Viente De Mi
Blanco Negro Palanke Soul Tribe Columbia Roots & Beats
Nkada Grupo Fantasma Problemas
According To Legends The Battle Of Santiago The Battle Of Santiago
Tropical Island RAM Puritan Vodou
Zao Piile Te Lakou Mizik Wa Di Yo
Them Belly Full/El Refugio/La Protesta Rebel Tumbo Bebel Tumbao
Advanced Communication Painted Caves Painted Caves
Animal Tears Painted Caves Painted Caves
Here At Home Shrinkwrap Shrinkwrap collection
1 Million C’est Quoi Mbong Wana Star From Kinshasa
Ire King Sunny Ade Aura
Power In The Darkness Tom Robinson Band Power In The Darkness
Malcolm Umar Bin Hassan Be Bop Or Be Dead
Johannesburg the Layabouts No Masters
Khalima South Africa The Best Music Your Ever Heard Doren Thobekile
Sayang Yuna Maternal
Leave It Alone Nadir Distorted Soul
Keremiela Ethiocolor Ethiocolor
Song Artist Album
Spanish Grease Willie Bobo Uno Dos Tres
La Fusion La Gran Fasdmilia Coazon Bombo Y Son
Vivo Lachiva Gantiva Vivo
Greet The Dawn The Soul Jazz Orchestra Resistance
Side By Side Side By Side Afrobeat No Go Die
I’m Yours Sorarya Desert Rose & Arabian
Falyakon Mashrou Leila Ibn El Leil
Aoede Mashrou Leila Radio Beruit
Before It Was You Sean Blackman/Lola Morales Before It Was You
Pos Chiquito Sean Blackman/Wendell Harrison In Transit
Sparrow vs. Melody Picong Mighty Sparrow Mighty Sparrow First Flight
Sweet Music Mighty Sparrow Hot Like Fire
Hard, Hard, Hard Black Stalin When The Time Comes
Indian Gyle Drupatee & Machel Montano Soca Gold 2013
Arranged Marriage Apache Indian No Reservations
Invocation Sheela Bingi Incantations
Shobahrock Trilock & Sobha Gurtu Usfret

This Island Earth Playlist May 7, 2016

May 7, 2016 on This Island Earth

Song Artist Album
Desert Dancer Nicodemus Budda Bar 4 (Dinner CD)
Shaft Malik Aoudane Budda Bar 1 (Party CD)
Wari Les Go Koteba
Larshuma Watcha Clan Watcha Clan
10th Floor Ghost Girl Cibo Matto Hotel Valentine
Blanco Y Negro Palenke Soul Tribe Colombia Roots & Beats
Ase King Sunny Ade/ Stevie Wonder Aura
Felaki Felaki Maternal
Southern Coast The Battle Of Santiago Full Color
Permiso Que Llego Van Van Los Van Van Van Van Is Here
El Nwegro Esta Cocinado Los Van Van Van Van Is Here
Testify Parliament Single
Down On The Street Stooges Fun House
Heavy Music Bob Seger Bob Seger-The Early Years
Chillin Seefari I & I
Culpa De La Luna Rupa & The April Fishes Este Mundo
Mr. Clown Babylon circus Dances Of Resistance
Work It Brighter Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars Radio Salone
Kings Highway Rastifari Elders Rastifari Elders

This Island Earth Playlist April 30, 2016

April 30, 2016 on This Island Earth

Song Artist Album
Mavi Mavi Brothers Of The Baladi Gravity Of Love
Peace Is The Power Brothers Of The Baladi Gravity Of Love
Cleopatra In New York Nickodemus Endangered Species Remix
Promised Land ( Shanteel Viva Diaspora
Papa Loko RAM Manman M Se Ginen
Koulou Koulou RAM Manman M Se Ginen
You Don’t Want Me Anymore The Revelers Get Ready
Ramblin The Bluerunners The Bluerunners
Funk Hand Howling Diablos Feat. Wayne Kramer Return Of The Funk Hand
Don’t Fear The Funk Hand The Howling Diablos Feat. The Original Vandellas Return Of The Funk Hand
South American Way Carmen Miiranda The Brazilian Bombshell Carmen Miranda
Bambu Bambu Carmen Miranda The Brazilian Bombshell
Bambulaye Los Bambulaye Bambulaye
42 Spanglish fly New York Boogaloo
You Must Be Losing Your Mind Davina & the Vagabonds Sunshine
Machin Machine Gink Goa Gink Goa EP
Egsz Nap Bea Palya Palya Bea
Inchallah Aziz Samaoui Mazal
007 Desmond Dekker 20 Reggae Classics
Itchak El Baz Gnawa Diffussion Souk System
Geronimo Reggae Cowboys Rock Steady Rodeo
Treaty Yothu Yindi Tribal Voice
Freedom Yothu Yindi Freedom
Stayed At The Party The Homes Brothers Brotherhood
Levine’s Boogie I Like It When They Call Me Big Daddy Charels Big Daddy Stallings
Kehulum Abliche Debo Band Ere Gobez
Varanda suspense Ce Tropix
Bye Bye Blackbird Miles Davis & John Coltrane The Best Of Miles & John Coltrane

This Island Earth Playlist April 16, 2016

April 16, 2016 on This Island Earth

Song Artist Album
Lady Day And John Coltrane Gil Scott-Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Off The Ground The Recording Company Give It Back to You
Toro The Latin Playboys Dosse
A Buscarme Vienen Mixtolobo Frontera
Jiilala Aziz Samoui Mazal
Tape Loop Morcheeba Parts Of The Process
Doopsylalolic Future Organization No Soundless Tabojo
Y-Tu –Conga Gloria Estasfen Greatest Hits 2
Disco Azucar Los Van Van Azucar
Dolores Gink Goa Gink Goa EP
Days Of Old B.B. King & Eric Clapton Riding With The King
Shehegue Mbong Wana Star From Kinshasa
9.15 Amanpando South Afrocad The Gretest Songs Ever
Pummarola Black Spaccanapolli Spaccanapolli
Idvres Se Les Negresses Verte Zig Zague
Todo Sea Por El Rocanrol El Tri Una Decada De Rock
Rock & Roll Lee Thompson Zepplin
Papa Was A Rolling Stone The Love Mongers Warble Womb
Ase King Sunny Ade & Stevie Wonder Aura
Who Are You Listening To Matt Anderson Honest Man
Pon Da Horizon Slightly Stupid Top Of The World
What If Fem Nameless The Afrobeat Revival
Zarambe Zarambe/Remixed By Afrolicous Karimba Dioboic Remixes
El Makako Palenke Soul Tribe Compilation 2009-2015

This Island Earth Playlist April 9, 2016

April 9, 2016 on This Island Earth

Song Artist Album
Poor Poor Pitiful Me Warren Zevon Origalnal Album Series
Now's The Time Rosie Ledet Origalnal Album Series
Drama 79'rs Gang Fire On The Bayou
Get Up Zozo Afrobeat Afrobeat Revolution
Langit Yuna Material
De New York A Paris Gink Goa Gink Goa Gink Goa EP
Your So Nice To Me Bea Paya Palya Bea
Yalanchi Debo Band Ere Gobez
Gimme Shelter Taj Mhal, Roselyn Williames, Andrae Carter, SLRA Playing For Change
Juciy Lucy Sonny Knight And the Lakers Do It Live
Fools Paradise United Futurej Organization 3rd Perspectivee
Nada Groupo Fantasma Problemas
Oh Yea Los Lobos The Best Of los Lobos
Freedom DCS Extra Hot 1
Real Situation Funkasdesi Its About Time
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You The Specials Todays Specials
The Morning After Kill Random Order NA
Ahbal Khebez Dawle Kebez Dawle
Vote Electric Lion sound Wave Experiment Electric Sound Wave Experiment
Set The Controls For the Heart Of the Sun Pink Floyed A Saucer Full Of Secrets
As Rock & Roll As It Gets K’s Choice The Phantom Cowboy
Damballa RAM Puritan VoDou
Zao Pile Te Lakou Mizik Wa Di Yo
Mambo Influenciado The Lynn La Plante Seven Motor City Mambo

This Island Earth Playlist April 2, 2016

April 2, 2016 on This Island Earth

Song Artist Album
She’s Not There Brian Lopez Static Noise
Down At Mcdonelzzz Electric Six Electric Six
Too Much Power Los De Abadjo Actitud Calle
Love Is Queen Omega Zuco 103/Lee Scratch Perry Whaa
Mas Papaya Side Stepper/Lightning Head Remix The Buena Vibra Sound System
My Sol Si Se Si Se
Your First Arab Karem Nagi Detour Guide
Yalla Yalla Karem Nagi Detour Guide
Rock the Casba Rachid Taha Racid Taha the Definative Collection
Hits Ville UK Katrina Leskanich The Sandinista Project
Clampdown The Clash Clash On Broadway
Idan Raichel Ma Agalim At The Edge Of The Beginning
Children Come And go Yehuda Poiker Ethno Punk
Work it Brighter Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars Radio Salone
Welcome To The USA Zulu Spear Welcome To The USA
Fio Memoriia Around You ?
Voce Gosa Suba/Phil Asher Remix Suba Tributo
Blanco Y Negro Palanke Soul Tribe Colombia Roots & Beats
Germ Free Adolescents X Ray Specs Germ Free Adolescents
Ametballe Bole 2 Harlem Ethiopia

This Island Earth Playlist March 26, 2016

March 26, 2016 on This Island Earth

Song Artist Album
Porque Grupo Fantasma Problemas
Esa Negra 5:03 3:35 Grupo Fantasma Esa Negra (4) Problemas RCM Problemas
Vampires Theivery Corparation Retaliation
Sound The Alarm Mandella Theivery Corporation Retaliation
Dances Of Resistance Babylon Circus Dances Of Resistance
Boulevard De La Morte Alfa Blondy The Best Of Alpha Blondy
Beams Agatsume Beams
You Me Bullets The Bombay Royal You Me Bullets
Is Pushing Lucky Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Calibration
The Arcs The Arc Yours, Dreamily
Communication Breakdown Baton Rouge Mourge Blackdog Led Zeplin Tribute
All The People Shout Little Faith Eternity
Help Me Make It Through Calvin Cooke Heaven
Door Poppin Carol Fran And Clarence Hollimon Louisiana Gumbo
Killing Floor Afrodizz Froots
Yaa (Dis Be For Radio Mix) SMT Sweet Mama Mix
Kanyange Dorthy Massouka Pata Pata
Gombao Los Van Van Combo Salsa
Tu A Lo Tuyo, Yo A Lo Mio Los Van Van Arrasando
Moulana/My Sweet Lord Mix Hamid Baroudi City No Mad
Morocan Gospel Ayrad Canada Now
Tumbi Wow Deli To Dublin Canada Now
I Feel No Pain/Moodswings mix Culture Clash Bhangra Beat The New Sound
La Marsillaise En Creole Lo Jo Cinema El Mundo
African Dub Crossing The Fantoms Of An Opera Lo Jo Cinema El Mundo

This Island Earth Playlist March 19, 2016

March 19, 2016 on This Island Earth

Song Artist Album
I Put A Spell On You Screamin Jay Hawkins Cow Fingers & Mossquito Pie
Zaz Zuh Zay Cab Calloway And His Orchestra Swing Music Volume One
Swing Brother Swing Billie Holliday And The Count Basie Orchestra Swing Music Volume Three
I’m Not Sleeping Big Bad Voodoo Daddy This Beautiful Life
Samba Meets Boogie Woogie Samba Meets Boogie Woogie Samba Meets Boogie Woogie
Bob 19 Zuco 103 Tales of High Fever
Treasure Zuco 103 Tales Of High Fever
Bomba Jah Wobbles Rising Above Bedlam
Tsadded Lazdid Gnawa Diffusion Shock El Hal
Timi Moun Tmbouctou Gnawa Diffusion Adio Globine
Could You Be Loved Bob Marley RAC Remix Legend Remixed
Maya Trilok Gurtu The Beat Of Love
Delali Junglee Transglobal Underground The Stone Turntable
Jay Wrestles The dBari Constrictor Part 1 Groove Collective We The People
Losiaida Groove Collective We The People
Star De Orchestra Marrabenta Trance Planet Volume One
Africa Folon Salif Keitda
Boyete Ray Lema Nangadeef
Oooh Na Na 79rs Gang 79rs Gang
Heat Down Below Blue Runners The Blue Runners
Jambalaya Brenda Lee The Brenda Lee Story
Zydeco Yeah Rosie Ledet Now’s The Time
Oh My Allen Toussaint Connected
Tokelau Tevaka The Canoe
Ta Namo Tevaka The Canoe
Pate Mo Tou Vae Tevaka The Canoe
Gapu Tidal Mix Yothu Yindi Freedom

This Island Earth Playlist March 12, 2016

March 12, 2016 on This Island Earth

Song Artist Album
Over Africa Neville Brothers Valence Street
Africa Unite Suthukazi Arosi South Africa The Greatest Songs Ever
Mangase Shaluza Max South Africa The Best EMISongs Ever
Think Africa Seun Kuti Seun Kito And Fela’s Egypt 70
Zarambe Novalima/Afrolicious Remix Krimba Diabolic Remixes
Tenere and Alone Terakaft Alone
Shake Your Hips Robert Randolf & The Family Band Live At The Wet Lands
I Don’t Know What You Come To Do Robert Randolf and The Family Band Live At The Wet Lands
Watusi 65 Ray Barretto Viva Watusi
Quimbara Celia Cruz The Best Of Celia Cruz
Peanuts Fania All Stars Machine
Ju Ju Warrior Calypso Rose Soca Diva
Indian Girl Drupatee & Machel Montfano Soca Gold 2013
Me Liming Shal Marshall Soca Gold 2013
Caravan Shi k No Shai Human Condition
Ya Habra Nawel N/A
Yerazner Sean Blackman and In Transit In Transit
Top Of the World Slightly Stupid Top Of The World
Ska Ditty Slightly Stupid Top Of The World
Big Bamboo The Gaylads Ska Au Go Go
Great Men Burning Spear Mek Me Dweet
Chango Beat Ska Cubano/Remixed By DJ Flora Ska Cubano The Remix Album
Chango 2 Ska Cubano/Remixed By DJ Dolores Ska Cubano The Remix Album

This Island Earth Playlist March 5, 2016

March 5, 2016 on This Island Earth

Song Artist Album
Afroset Som Bit Camino
Africa Unite Suthukazi Arossi South Africa/The Greatest Songs Ever
Akabong The Soul Brothers Jive Explosion
Psdround Love The Soto Koto Band Mandingo Beat
Akabong The Soul Brothers Jive Explosion
Paz 9.13 Spam Allstars Fuacata Live
I Am A Sin Niyaz The Fourth Light
Aprs La Plue Les Negress Vert Zig zauge
Feedback Ojos De Brujo/Nitan Sawney Remix Techari Remixes
Pomegrate Vahagni Imagined Frequencies
Campanario 64 The Spam Allstars Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes
Odschimini The Spam Allstars Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes
Bump Spanglish Fly New York Boogaloo
Rivers Of Babylon The Melodians 96 Degrees In The Shade
Lord Have Mercy Dr. Ring A Ding Ska United
Kapsa Dr. Calypso Ska United
Face Of Humanity The Layabouts First Cold Presss
Space Child Spirit Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus
El Son DJ Spinna/Omar Sosa Mulatos Remix