The New Music Show: Tracks from Will Sessions, Amp Fiddler, Dames Brown + more

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On this episode of The New Music Show, we revisit Will Session’s timeless collaboration with Amp Fiddler and Dames Brown.

Plus, a look at veteran dance and experimental record label FIT Detroit.

See the playlist below and listen to the episode on-demand for two weeks after it airs using the media player above.

The New Music Show Playlist for July 6, 2024

  • “Sisco (Dez Edit)” – Dez Andrés
  • “And We Begin” – Der Kundalini
  • “5°C” – DÉBRUIT
  • “Highway” – EKSTERN
  • “Badman” – Soundmurderer
  • “Second Trip (Serial Experiments Edit)” – Tolouse Low Trax
  • “Gene Williams (Dez Edit)” – Dez Andrés *unreleased
  • “Industry” – SML (Small Medium Large)
  • “Bell Isle Drive (feat. The Dames Brown)” – Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler
  • “Reminiscin’ (feat. Dames Brown)” – Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler
  • “Rubber Tree Dance” – SML
  • “The Gun (Powder-Keg)” – DAF
  • “Eye Contact” – Symptoms of Love
  • “Lost Without You (feat. Dames Brown)” – Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler
  • “M.S.C.” – MGUN
  • “Cycle Blue” – FIT Siegel & Kassem Mosse
  • “Erase the Pain” – M. Pittman
  • “First Found” – FIT Siegel
  • “Part Three” – A Drummer from Detroit
  • “Study Drum” – OL
  • “Tracking” – Shake
  • “Do the Seatbelt” – Stallone The Reduce
  • “Wayne County Stomp” – FIT Siegel
  • “Detection” – Bill Converse
  • “Drug Pusher” – Stallone The Reducer
  • “Part One” – A Drummer from Detroit
  • “Ask Isadora (FIT Edit)” – 4E
  • “Standing There” – Groove Fellowship

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  • Shigeto
    Shigeto is a Hamtramck-based drummer, electronic music producer, DJ and host of The New Music Show.